Tyler first found a found interest in coffee while growing up in Sonoma. He started out with Sunshine in our former South Sebastopol Sunshine Coffee Roasters shop as a barista where he was able to connect with our amazing customers. In late 2007, Tyler began apprentice roasting for the company at our facility in Forestville and his passion for coffee continued to grow.  As his craft was perfected, Tyler was promoted to the head roaster for the company in 2008. With his experience roasting some of the world’s finest organic coffees, Tyler has now earned the title of "Sunshine Coffee Roasters Roastmaster".



Neil is a true West County shining star. Born and raised in Sonoma County, he joined the Sunshine team in 2012 as a Barista on our front lines. His passion for coffee and connection to our customers was evident from the get go. In 2015 he began apprentice roasting for Sunshine and since then has blossomed into a full blown Roast Master. When he's not creating all things coffee, Neil loves to hike, explore, hang with his dogs, and rock out in his band "The Business End."  




Neal was born in Antioch, California, grew up in the East Bay, then moved to Sonoma County in 2007. He became intrigued with coffee at a very young age. One of his fondest childhood memories is the time his father asked Neil to retrieve him a black coffee, "no cream, no sugar". Neal, being all of 5 years old, ran inside and prepared his pops a black coffee with extra cream and sugar! From that day on Neal was on a quest to make the perfect cup of coffee. Starting on the front lines as a barista for Sunshine, today he is roasting coffee. To Neal it is not just a job, but an art form. Ever since, he has been an unforgettable charismatic contributor to the company. Catch Neal at the shops and he will make you a latte to remember.