Our head roastmaster, Tyler Ericksen, knows coffee. Tyler started out on the front line with Sunshine Coffee Roasters as a barista at our Roasters Espresso Bar in South Sebastopol. His work as a barista provided him an opportunity to connect with our customers as he mastered his art of espresso drink making and coffee brewing. As a very important part of his job, Tyler sources and selects the finest organic green coffee beans from the world’s most prestigious growing regions for our many custom blends. After blending, he roasts them to perfection using a traditional slow-roasting, "Old World" method that requires close attention to detail, discipline and patience. The final phase of the roast is very critical, as a major differences in flavor can occur in just seconds of under or over roasting. After trying our "Art Crafted" Sunshine Coffee Roasters coffees, we hope you will find it has been a special coffee drinking experience that you will want to experience again and again!